As a website needs both hosting space and a domain name, it’s essential to be able to easily manage not only the former, but also the latter. Even if the hosting service is stable and fast, registering a brand new domain name and pointing it to a website may be a torture and may involve lots of time and effort. As a matter of fact, this is the situation with the great majority of web hosting platforms out there – you will have no less than two accounts, one billing account and one hosting account, and registering a domain and bringing it online will involve signing in and out of the two accounts. It would be far more convenient if you could carry out all these things from a single location and focus on your site, not on various administrative tasks.
Feature-rich Domain Manager in Shared Web Hosting
With a shared web hosting plan from our company, you will exert absolute control over your domain names and over everything connected with them. Integrated into our all-inclusive Hepsia Control Panel, our cutting-edge Domain Manager will permit you to do lots of things from one location without having to switch between different interfaces. For example, you will be able to register a new domain or to renew an active one, to edit the WHOIS info or to hide it completely using our Whois Privacy Protection service, to host or to park a domain name with several clicks. The features quoted so far are standard for any such tool, but using our Domain Manager’s fast-access buttons, you’ll be able also to change the DNS resource records for any of your domain names, to set up an FTP account, a database or a mailbox, to examine visitor stats and so on. The tool is powerful, albeit simple to use, so even if you’ve never used a hosting account before, you will not experience any difficulties while administering your domain names and the hosting space for them.