When an active domain expires, it could still be renewed by its present owner for about two months following the expiration and despite the fact that it won't be active, it can't be obtained by anybody else. When the domain is not renewed by then, however, it enters a 5-day deletion period and then it's available to the general public. During the deletion period anybody can submit a backorder for the domain name through an ICANN-accredited registrar and the service provider will use its registry channel in order to try to register the domain for the user once it's available. As many registrars can try to acquire a certain domain and names are acquired on first-come, first-serve basis, there isn't any guarantee that using such a computerized service will grant you possession over it, but this is the best way to get an attractive domain because trying to register it personally almost certainly means that you will be far too late.
Domain Backorder in Shared Web Hosting
We provide a domain backorder service with all our shared web hosting plans and you'll be able to employ it from the Hepsia Control Panel. For your convenience, you can arrange the list of domains that you find by their extension, exact deletion date and length, so you won't have to go through thousands of domains to discover whether a suitable one will be available soon. You will also be able to search for a specific word or a phrase in the domain name list. If we can register the wanted domain for you, it will be listed along with all other domain names which you have here and you'll be able to control it just as effortlessly. We offer this service at very competitive prices compared to other registrars and if we're unable to obtain a domain name for you, your money will be available in your account, so you will be able to use it for other domains or hosting services.
Domain Backorder in VPS Servers
Since we partner with an ICANN-accredited registrar, we offer a domain backorder service with all our hosting plans, including the VPS servers. You will find a full list of all domains which will be deleted in the following days inside your VPS billing Control Panel and placing an order for any of them will take you a single click. Because the list is very large, we've included a couple of filters that will allow you to find good domain names - choose the domain name extension and the minimum/maximum length, check the domain names that will be erased on a particular date, view only domains that include dictionary words or enter a string of characters of your choosing. As backordering a domain doesn't guarantee that we'll be able to register it, you'll still be able to use the funds from the order for other services in case that the registration attempt is unsuccessful.
Domain Backorder in Dedicated Servers
In case you have a dedicated server from our company, you'll be able to backorder a domain from the comfort of your billing Control Panel and will not have to sign up for a different platform because we partner with an ICANN-accredited registrar. A section in the Control Panel is focused on this particular service and you'll find a long list of all domain names scheduled to be deleted there. Thanks to the filters which we've added to save you time, you will be able to select to see domain names from a specific date, to set the maximum and minimum length and to pick an extension, thus narrowing the list you shall have to browse through. You can also enter a specific phrase or select to see domains that contain dictionary words and are not just a random combination of letters and numbers. It takes just a click to order a domain in the list and if we're unable to register it before someone else does that, you will not lose your money and it will be added as a credit to your account.